Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Like every thing else, The Donald has taken the air out of everything with his scheduled speech to a joint session of Congress.  All day long there have been leeks, predicting just what it is the guy is going to say.  Now I never met President Trump but I have a lot of friends, past and present, who banked the guy and one of their common themes was that you never knew what the guy was going to say or do.  Which is why this little fireside chat...which ruins the best tv night of the week by the way...might be one to which to pay attention not necessary for it's content although that will be important, but for how bad a miss the prognosticators will register.  If he stays true to form, the next four years could be a roller coaster ride of monumental proportions.  Is that good or bad?  Who knows.  Might be fun, however...or not.

Anyway, I wish I could change the script but until it is determined where this guy is going to wind up in a governing sense, nothing of importance is going to happen although I think that on the finance side with the two hit men from Goldie in place when the stage lights go on what ever happens is going to happen very fast. Speculation on that later in the week but right now I'm settling in waiting for the Show on the Hill to start.  I hope they hand the guy the right speech.  After the  act the unmentionables put on in Hollywood on Sunday I don't think I could take it.  Then again, there are a lot of people in that town who are dumber than Warren Beatty.  Scary, isn't it.

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