Friday, February 24, 2017


In his modest way the king of talk radio, Rush Limbaugh is apparently often head to say about himself, "Having more fun that a human being should be allowed to have."  If so, there are now two people in that happy position as President Trump is clearly channeling his airways admirer.  It's almost too easy: slowly, exquisitely, driving the political left and the media completely insane, Trump barely has to work at it.  They rise to his continual baiting like a starving trout to a perfectly presented fly.  After a while it gets boring, but as St. Augustine might have put it, "but not quite yet."

Problem is he plays this game in places where perhaps he shouldn't although it seems that when it comes to countries like Mexico he can't seem to stop himself.

The Sec of State and the dir. Of homeland Security traveled south this week to explain the position of the United States vis a vis our southern neighbor.  As anticipated, the Mexican government reacted, in public at least with fury.  Ok, point made, very funny, ha ha except that the Mexicans are so paranoid in regard to the United States that giving them any excuse to do smoething really, really silly is not wise as they probably will.  And there is a Presidential election in 22 months, which certainly raises the stakes for signs of machismo all across the board.  But the Donald keeps pushing his wall and the dream that Mexico is going to pay for it.  And Mexico keeps screaming that they will not and persists in vague promises that the Gringos will feel the wrath of Mexico while the internal politics become more and more radicalized with the now very real possibility that the left, which was as dead as MexicoPancho Villa's horse, might actually win the damn thing.  It will not because the one thing the Mexicans have not forgotten is how to fix elections but why even take the risk?  Far better if Donald starts building the wall, Mexico just ignores it like a grown up nation and everybody starts talking about things that matter like NAFTA and oh by the way, does anybody think it's time to start talking about the integration of the North American continent's three great nations in efforts that could benefit 500 million people who have more in common than perhaps anyone realizes.  The perfect opportunity lies before us are we wise enough to seize the initiative?  God knows that with the experience of the Euros we should know how to get something like this right.

Just a thought.

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