Wednesday, March 1, 2017


The guy hit for six, a home run, a triple double.  Never take him for granted.  Never expect the expected.  Never underestimate him.  I turned to T & S as he ended and said., "He just became the President."  I guess a couple of talking heads said the same thing at the same time.  Was it that simple to see?  I was felling good about myself until I heard that, but enough about me!  Seriously, what does this all mean?

After last night this is a gut to whom one must listen.  He not only solidified his base but probably solidified himself.  He ain't going anywhere and I suspect that the level of aggression and outright hatred being expressed by the loyal opposition will slowly begin to fade away and dissolve into sullen and ineffective resistance.  Trump's lack of credibility in their minds was the rallying point; they now have nothing.  The Democratic Party will be back but not under the present leadership.  It is beginning to look more and more like Labour in the U.K.--close to dead but not yet ready to be buried.  And that is significant from another standpoint.

Last evening I think was significant Over There as well as Over Here.  Trump was the darling of the new European rig hit but couldn't not be pointed to as the "model" due to his supposed lack of credibility within his own country.  No more.  The United States now has a real president and look at what the reaction has been.   Headlines count.  The reaction of the equity markets make for a powerful argument...forget the fact that those involved are not exactly on the top rung of any financial  food chain that takes IQ into account.  The next round of approval polls will show a big positive jump; meaningless in the real world except for the fact that they influence people.  The right wing in Europe just got a huge boost:  Trump est  Vrai!  Nous Somme Aussi!  The Le Pen faction must be beside themselves.  This thing just got a lot closer and that is as Joe Biden once put it, "a Big, ******* Deal!

If I'm right and I think I am, the stakes in this game just got higher.  Our press will continue to focus on domestic events but the real game may be in Europe with the western financial scene very much in play.  One speech.  Who would have thunk it?

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