Tuesday, November 29, 2016


I asked Massimo to predict the results of the referendum.

"Stella Cinque."

"5 Star?  wha..."

"Si, 5 Star.  That's who win, ma I'm not sure."

"Massimo, you have never been unsure about Italian politics in your life and now all of a sudden you're unsure!"

"Look, Charlie all of your geniuses say Clinton gonna win.  She lose.  All of our geniuses say the referendum gonna fail.  Ma I tell you this is no good year for geniuses.  This is a crazy year."

"But if it fails then Beppe Grillio becomes the kingmaker, right?"  Will the Italian people allow a comedian to run Italy?"

"No, Charlie you no understand.  Beppo...he runs nothing, Beppo just talks.  But what he say alot of people like.  He like your Trump.  He knows what people want to hear but the problem is Trump has smart people around him who know your government.  Beppo...Beppo has nobody.  Beppo has..how you say...dillitante."


"Si, amatures.  So if the referendum fail and if Rienzi resign, we get new elections next year and then 5 Star can become a big part of the new government." And that's why I no sure that the referendum fail because we Italiani are not all pazzo, eh.  I think just maybe enough people say we can no let this happen and while they no like Rienzi they are too scared if 5 Star...how you say...set the agenda."

"What would that look like?"

"Oh, Madonna, who knows?  They hate the Union.  They hate the Euro.  They really hate the Tedeschi.  They say 'They killing us again' like the war wasn't enough.  And you know?  A lot of people agree.  So if it their agenda, CIAO!"  I think so; I don't know how you stop it.  And of course the first thing that goes is the banks.  Charlie, they need a hell of a lot of money.  You think we get it from the Union or even Mario if the referendum loses?  You think we do?"

"Massimo, ordinarily I would say no but I wonder if the other Euros will look at it as there not being a choice.  I mean, if the banks go, the Union goes because Italy will have to get out of the currency and that will be the end.  But, God, what a choice that is!"

"Like you Americani say, 'You tellin' me!'  Which is why Charlie, I'm not sure what happens.  Too many people undecided, too many worried.  Me?  I vote "Si" but I no know."

"So we wait."

"Si, Charlie, we wait.  Ciao, mi amico.  Mi amore ala bella donna."

"Certo, Massimo, et ciao a te."

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