Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Just when I thought things might get better, P.M. Tsipras reverted to his previous form...being Stupid.  Having been told that his plan, submitted to the EZ on Monday, was a bit short of what was required, he throws a sissy fit and moves up his trip to Russia AND comes out against European sanctions resulting from Putin's Ukrainian adventure.  Double Down Dumb.  Now listen Alexis, for God's sake shut up.  Of course they were going to tell you the plan didn't pass the test.  They know as well as anybody else that you can't come up with one that does.  But when your pal Angie has the deputy of her coalition partner resigning on her because of you, what the hell do you think she's going to say within 24 hours of receiving "the plan?"  And Russia?  Now really, that is beyond stupid.  You owe money you can't pay back to civilized people and now you want to borrow from a bunch of thugs?  When you don't pay them back they don't say, "We're not friends anymore."  They break legs.  Got it?

Anyway, it's still Semana Santa and nothing happens after tomorrow  until Tuesday at the earliest.  Then guess what?  Next week is Holy Week for Greeks!  You go to the mob in Brussels and say something to the effect of, "Surely you don't want us to work over our Easter?"  Bingo!  You get another week!  In the meantime, look in the mirror and keep saying, "I will keep my mouth shut in public and tell the fool I hired to do the same thing."  There is still a way out of this if you want out, and if you want the name of someone who can do it for you, call Charlie.  No charge on my end.  On his...big time but worth it.  And he's free; he doesn't like that.  Let's see how you do in the next 24 hours.

The DOW was down 200 at the close.  Why?  Who knows.  CNBC was still on the Indiana thing having two of their bright, young, attractive hard chargers grill some legislator named Bosma.  He had them for lunch.  Memo to the staff:  When you are in a hole children, drop the shovel, and drop the damn story so I have something to write about.

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