Wednesday, April 1, 2015


As if as thought the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister were not enough, some guy named Nikolas Voutsis who appears to hold the title of Interior Minister, chimed in today by announcing that unless Greece gets new money they will not make repayments to anyone on time including the IMF.  Madame was not amused.  There was Tut-tuting and oh my goodnesses all over Athens this morning as the government put out a notice that Nikki had never said such a thing.  Of course it turns out that he said it in Parliament and everybody awake heard it but the Greeks are convinced that now everyone believes it never happened.  Accordingly, they delivered a new, "detailed" plan to the gang up north and are awaiting the response.

This administration apparently has taken its cue from the one Over Here and has gone from plain dumb to delusional on certain matters.  Frankly, there is very little more to be said other than the best course for the next week is to sit back and wait for developments which as I said yesterday I do not expect to see for a good 10 days.  Right down to the finish line goes this one amid talks in the past few days that one of the key factors on which the Greeks were counting...the support of the southern tier...has vanished.  Italy has made it quite clear that Olive Oil and Sicily are the only two things it has in common.  More on that in the following days if I can ever find Massimo.   So much for a united front against the Hun.  

As for me, it is the Easter Season and as usual, I plan on taking a break over this, the most solemn of all religious holidays.  The Peace of this season to all and a wish that we can have some peace in places where we have seen none of it for too long.  Back next week unless events warrant a quicker return.


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