Monday, March 30, 2015


Holy Week.  Nothing happens during Holy Week...other than about 5 wars in the middle east, but then what do they know about Holy Week.

The big story on CNBC all day was the State of Indiana's Freedom of Religious Worship Act which is being touted by the political left as the greatest assault on Homosexual Rights since, since...well, I just don't know.  I could care less, but I raise it only because for CNBC to cover the story simply confirms what many have known all along: at any time during the day or night not a single person will be watching MSNBC.  Guys, look.  You are a business news channel.  On the first day of Semana Santa people like Charlie here rely on you for SOMETHING about which to write.  And you are off in left field trying to create a political issue because it cannot be done on your unwatched affiliate whose job it is to do such things.  Gimme a break, guys, I mean I have a public out there.

Moving right along, Greece seems to be playing out more or less as we suggested.  A half-assed plan has been submitted, the main actors are clearly talking, the Finance Minister apparently didn't utter a word over the weekend and Holy Week will pass with nothing of importance decided.  Keep it up Master Tsapris; first time you have done anything smart since you took office.  Somebody has gotten to him.  Wonder who.

Dow went up 253 today.  Seems as though United Health decided to buy somebody for $12 billion.  Great fundamental change, that,  leading to this market performance.  Of course in the morning the Chinese said they, too, were prepared to print money if inflation didn't get out of hand (having no reliable figures from China we have no idea what that means) and the drum roll of even more global liquidity blasted the Euro bourses into lift-off and the mood carried on Over Here.  Less and less is going to occur this week, so comeon CNBC, get your act together.  I can't be making things out of whole cloth for the next few days.

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