Thursday, April 6, 2017


i was rereading yesterday's post and it came to me that I might have taken the wrong fork in the road and wound on the wrong side of the tracks.  In trying to over-analyze the Curious Case of the Richmond Fed from the standpoint of Big Danny' s involvement I had probably missed the big issue standing out for all to see.  What went on with Lacher was a side show; his crime was to confirm by his silence what was already known, which means that someone else had let the cat out of the bag, Which  could possibly mean that the real bad guy (or girl) in this tale of financial skullduggery might well be in Washington at the Big Board as well as anywhere else which means that Big Danny's motives in speaking out might be entirely different which means who the hell spoke to Dick Medley's guy in the first place and why has it taken five years to find out?

It pains me to say this but I might...I repeat, Might...have given Big Danny a bad spin on this one.  As was pointed out to me the Fed IG must have investigated this one and in that case where's the report? Lacher probably should have resigned/been fired but he's small fry.  And might Big Danny's motives been to point this out to all concerned?  Yea Danny.

Frankly, what was dead and buried might now be burrowing up from a shallow grave and if the Fed haters in the Congress--and there a lot of those-- choose to pick this thing up there could be hell to pay from the standpoint of Fed credibility and future independence.  Not a good thing all around which is why we shouldn't canonize our boy just yet.  I mean, like, Dude, why not just drop a dime and accomplish the same thing?  Course that doesn't get you the bright lights and Danny do like those.  It will be fun to watch where this thing goes.

Well, Xi is here just at the time that the Fat Little Nut shoots off another one; The Donald gets really po.ed at Assad...and his supposed buddy, Putin; the Don is threatening to strike Devon and the Indians and the Pakis are arguing (just words thank goodness) as to who is going to be first to let go a Big One if things heat up.   Do the markets care?  Nope.  Everyone is waiting for the jobs number tomorrow.  All the other minor stuff is going to come down over the weekend but it's the Masters so few will about that.  Let's hope for Monday...that we have one

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