Tuesday, June 21, 2016


It lasted all of 15 minutes, but in that time about 2 inches of rain fell and one of our majestic Oaks was hit by a bolt of lighting that blew out, from the inside, about 30 feet of bark and wood.  The only thing I have ever seen that matched it was a air burst from an artillery shell.  Five foot long pieces of wood were propelled 30 meters in all directions, the TV was fried along with light sockets about the house and we were without power for 20 hours.  But no one was injured.  Anyone out side within 40 meters would probably have been killed.  A hundred foot tree; at least 100 years old.  Killed in an instant.  Makes on realize how insignificant we really are in respect to the forces of nature.

I've been dealing with the aftermath all day but it's still all about BREXIT.  48 hours from now the verdict will be in, but in the meantime some remarkable event are being overshadowed.  Rome just elected a female mayor who is about as anti establishment as one can be.  And Turin as well.  What's next?  Juvo coming out in  pink, horizontal stripes?  The establishment is facing some serious difficulty in Europe aside from BREXIT that should be receiving more attention, but as it in many respects mirrors the Trump phenomena in the U.S. one can almost be assured that it will be mainly ignored by the mainstream media.  But if the Leave side wins out...

Janet was up on the Hill today answering questions.  Everyone was very nice and Janet said nothing except that she didn't expect a recession this year although growth had slowed.  How growth can slow from damn near dead stop I leave for you to sort out as I am stumped.  I think I'll go pray for my tree. It's more rewarding.

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