Friday, June 17, 2016


Not going to say much today.  It can all wait for Monday.  The murder of P.M. Jo Cox yesterday has stifled all comment on BREXIT and probably rightfully so.  The vote will take place on the 23rd as scheduled but now the speculation is what effect will this ghastly event have on the outcome.  Perhaps we will have more of an idea in a few days.  As for now, let us remember her in our orisons and  those who are now being laid to rest in Orlando as well.

One comment:  James Bullard of the St. Louis Fed dropped a bit of a bombshell today in admitting that he no longer supports the idea of a growing economy at levels continually reported by Janet & Co.  Or to put it another way, nothing has worked.  The implications of this will also be reviewed next week.  Gee, I wonder what took him so long.

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