Monday, March 21, 2016


This weekend's addition of March Madness was just what the doctor ordered.  Upsets, unbelievable finishes, constant excitement and great individual commitment.  Everything that today's markets don't have.  Can you imagine a day when the most important thing was the IMF questioning the Chinese as to the manner they intend to support their currency?  The Chinese will support (or trash) their currency any damn way they want and as far as they are concerned it's no one else's business...especially that of the IMF who almost everyone ignores especially the Chinese.  But there you have it and I'm tapped out.  May be I'll start a sports blog; I'm sure there's a need for another of those.

On the political front, Il Duce was down in Cuba with a mob including the mother-in-law, looking to get in on the first deals done.  Of course he was forced to admit that there are "real differences" with the Castro boys who locked everybody up before his plane landed but rest assured he is working to resolve those differences, for what reason I'm not quite sure.  I thought things were going along rather nicely as we were ignoring them and they us with only the occasional dust-up, but of course with other opportunities fading, the big legacy thingy left for him would appear to be returning Guantanamo to the Cubans..I don't know why either, but it's in the play book.  Problem is, the Castro boys don't want it without a lot more thrown in, but he'll keep trying.  Maybe someone should send him "The Art of the Deal."  It might come in useful.

The girls play tonight.  Another diversion thank goodness as Holy Week really takes hold.  I think we shut down on Wednesday as it appears the markets are in a shut-down mode already.  No volume, absolutely none.  As quiet as I have ever seen it.   But spring has come to the fly-over zone.  Just beautiful today.  Sweet.

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