Monday, September 14, 2015

WHENEVER YOU NEED A LAUGH... can always count on the Germans to provide one.  No kidding, they are more fun than a barrel of monkeys.  Last week, Frau Merkel announced that Germany will accept 900,000 refugees from Syria.  Whoa! said a whole bunch of European countries.  Maybe you can handle that but we can't.  On the top of that list was Hungary which finds itself as the primary entry point for these savaged people who, for the most part, simply want a chance at life.  Hungary now finds itself overwhelmed just by the requirement on them by the EU that they register all who enter...forget about giving them a home.  So Hungary has been rounding up the refugees and placing them in detention camps until they get some breathing room.  WELL, said a German politician yesterday filled with self-righteousness, what the Hungarians are doing is like what the Nazis did.............once again, you can't make this stuff up.  So far, it does not appear that the Hungarians have mistaken any Syrians for Jews and are not on their merry way in attempt to kill 6,000,000 of them, but it's early in the game I guess if you are a German political idiot.

Well, having gotten that gut-buster off their chests, guess what the next zinger was?  Today they announced that perhaps they had been a bit too inclusive with the 900,000 figure and if no one would mind, allow us to pull that back a bit to...ah...well...we don't quite know what the figure will be.  Oh, in the meantime, Hungary, would you mind keeping those folks under lock and key until we can sort this out among our European Union members who of course have no clue as to what to do either.  I swear, I had tears rolling down my cheeks for an hour.

This is of course one of the most horrible situations Europe and the world has faced in many a year and will only get worse now with the Russians joining directly into the fray in Syria giving cover to the Iranians to provide more support to their ally Assad with their new-found riches from the nuclear deal.  Many more will die and many more will try to escape to Europe...there is no where else to go.  I hardly pretend to understand that region but all can certainly understand the consequences.  Europe, whose entire economy is on less than solid ground including that of Germany, is about to be faced with probably up to three million refugees who have little education, few skills, no resources and no ability with the languages of the continent save for a few.  The humanitarian cost will be astronomical.  The transfer of capital, devastating.  The political consequences unknown at this time but surely mighty in scope.  And then there sits Perfidious Albion which, with the election of Jeremy Corbyn, a left-wing nutter if there ever was one as the leader of Labor, may well for the near future be a one-party state, totally in the driver's seat vis-a-vis Europe which faced with this set of circumstances certainly cannot allow the UK to leave which would surely sound the death knell for this experiment.

And as for the "Leader of the Free World?"  The best one can say is that it is but a mere 16 months until this narcissistic incompetent is no more.  Anyone will be an improvement.  One hopes that this holds together until new leadership can begin to make a difference, but until then the U.S. must once again be prepared to come to the aid of the democracies of Europe.  In what manner?  As Sr. Draghi put it, "with whatever it takes."  If it comes to it it will not be an easy sell,  but for Europe the crisis is very real and potentially lastingly destructive to European society.  

Meanwhile, Over Here, the question is "will they or wont they?"  The specter of a quarter-point rise on Thursday by the Fed has everyone breathless.  I still say no, but come on?  If you want another laugh, this is the one for you.

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