Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Did you know that Germany has the lowest birth rate in Europe and one of the lowest in the World?  Did you know that the projections for 2030 indicate that Europe will have 6% of the world's population, produce 20% of the world's GDP and have 50% of the World's "social expenditures?" Didn't know that huh?  Neither did I until those facts were brought to may attention last week.  I'm told Ms. Merkel is well aware of them.  So when the 900,000 figure was thrown around a couple of days ago I thought, "Well, here's the solution to the population crisis!  Not only do you get 900,000 right away but these people breed!"  Then I thought about the other two projections and, apparently, so did everybody else in Europe because there is now a rush to build fences.  Calling Donald Trump!  Boy, what a pitch for the One World movement!

Kidding aside, without a migration of basically welfare migrants, the future is really bleak if these numbers stand.  Kidding aside, Europe could use immigration...immigration to the United States has sustained this economy for years.  But again, our immigration has for the most part been of people who share our general values; this is not the case in Europe.  It is a brutal and some would say racist thing to say but what we see in too many countries which practice Islam is the wasting of the brain and productive capacity of half of the population, saved only by vast commodity wealth in the lucky few.
Unfortunately it is the unlucky who are heading to Europe and while the sheer numbers may be welcome in the abstract, can Europe do what has to be done to make it work: to wit the forceable integration into western society of a group of people who in some if not many cases have be taught to abhor that very society.  Does Europe have the will?  I leave the thought.

Another troubling aspect.  With a movement of people so vast, is it really possible to actually identify every individual?  I ask this because it seems to me that if a group such as ISIS wished to infiltrate the continent in large numbers, here's the perfect opportunity.  I am also sure that this is not lost on the Europeans who have far less difficulty in approaching a problem such as this without the niceties that we Americans, IMHO unduly place upon ourselves such as the nonsense we call "profiling."  Tell that to the GDSE--a nasty bunch if there ever was one--and you will get a big, Gaelic laugh.  So in the coming months look for a huge uptick in claims of human rights violations from the usual suspect groups.  Gang, we have a real problem on multiple levels as this situation grows and will undoubtedly turn ugly.  I'm glad I'm getting back to finance and banking tomorrow.  Nothing but the saintly walk in that neighborhood.

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