Friday, February 20, 2015


Frankly, I'm tired of writing about the foreign follies AKA the negotiations with Greece.  They kicked the can down the road again today with what is now being called an "interim agreement"...interim that is until Monday when the Greeks are supposed to present a fiscal plan acceptable to the hated Troika in order for its bail-out agreement to be extended for four months. What nonsense.  The Greeks haven't a clue as to what their policies might be in light of this capitulation to the EZ hit men in Brussels, and a capitulation it was despite what the increasingly fool-sounding Varoufakis claims it to be.  But, what this does is to give Frankie Holland a bit more time to try to convince Angie to keep the Greeks in which is what he was doing all day yesterday.  I suspect the lady is not amused.

Nevertheless, she might go for it just to keep order among this fractious mob and a look of solidarity in the face of Putin, who, upon being faced with the real possibility of the dissolution of the EU--in his mind at least--might make him even more bold with horrific consequences.  Provided, of course that the jerk Varoufakis keeps his mouth shut and doesn't try to claim victory over the forces of evil. Understand, however, that no deal even remotely acceptable to the EZ would ever pass muster in Greece, so in any event the course Greece will be politically forced to take will be to ignore any acceptable "reforms" and continue on the path laid out by Tsipras in his successful campaign or else...

But, Monday is just a few days away so why not hang around and see if we can write finis to this adventure or just go away for another four months until it comes back again probably in a worse state of affairs than before.  What do I think?  Clank, clank, clank.  We shall see.

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