Monday, February 23, 2015


I'm in a real bind here.  I absolutely will not write about politics but without the Greeks there ain't nothing going on.  Oh, I guess I could mention the latest --soon to be successful--attempt a extortion by the Justice Department regarding the so-called "fixing" of the foreign exchange market but that is interesting only as to the number that they and the banks will agree.  Now this time around they are asking for a guilty plea as well which I doubt will happen at least not in the manner being leaked by Justice, because if that were to occur there are laws in place that disallow any person or institution guilty of a felony from participating in certain businesses--like corporate trust for example.  The application of such laws would be devastating and incedibly expensive to all involved.  So, no, not on.  I would love to see these institutions step up and say, "OK, let's go to court,"  but when suggested in the past the government merely said, "We're asking for $10 billion...if we go to court the number goes to $100 billion."  I tell ya, these guys are worse than the old Mafia and the protection racket it used to run.  They are disgraceful.  Oh yeah, did you know they get a piece of the action in bonus money?  Tell me, where are the crooks on Wall Street or under Holder's desk?  A disgrace.

But that's it.  The Greeks are acting like a student who has to submit a paper before the end of the term.  Last minute charlies given that they have until midnight tonight which is just about now.  This is really the theater of the absurd but at least I have the thought of tomorrow to sustain me.   HELP!  I need copy!

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