Friday, September 19, 2014


It was a long time in coming, more than a couple of hundred years, but in the end it finally turned right.  I was actually surprised that there had not been more talk about it given the earth-shattering consequences that the vote entailed, but I must admit I was not surprised by the result.  It is a bit much to claim that the world will never be the same but in a place like Scotland things move slowly but they move with certainty and now with the results in and the "Yes" side victorious, it remains to be seen what changes will be wrought.

Obviously, there will have to be new locker and bathroom facilities…then again, it is Scotland and spending money on duplicate items does not exactly fit the Scottish penchant for thrift.  But overall, I suspect the grand old place will not change much.  The first woman member?  Ach Jim, I nae know.  Hope she's bonnie and can play a wee bit.  After all, it is the Royal and Ancient.

Funny enough, Scotland had another vote yesterday that resulted in a surprisingly easy win for the "NOs" as they were called on the issue of Scottish sovereignty, 55%-45%.  That deep sign of relief you might have heard this morning came from the rest of Europe which dodged a Big One.  But, it's not over.  Every self-government movement in every country Over There is going to have a go after the Scots proved it could be done albeit not successfully.  Had the vote gone the other way, the issues might have slipped below the radar as the existence of the EU itself would have been put to the test.  It would have failed.  But now we just have the same old stuck in the mud mob trying to make sense out of a union that makes less and less sense amidst governments that make no sense at all…which means that wee Charlie is lookin' grand.

Good to be back.

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