Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Which is the only thing of any great importance today as we await to see what a lovely war we will have.  It will be described as such for after all it is The Leader's war and we know that all of those are the "right" war…take Afghanistan…PLEASE!  

We will have no boots on the ground…except for the thousand or so we have right now and whatever it takes to make sure that those lovely smart bombs we drop aren't going to land on the heads of the good guys…whoever they may be.  I shall reserve further judgement except to say that George Bush has been gone for six years, much like Jacob Marley, but I will bet his ghost will reappear again tonight conjured up onto the teleprompters right on cue.  Only The Leader is bold enough to try that o n e   m o r e   t i m e.

Meanwhile, Over There, every British politician from Labor, Conservative and Liberal parties than could be shaken out of bed was up in Scotland yesterday.  The days dwindle down and whilst I remain a believer that the "NOs" will carry the day, all reports call it a very close thing.  Perhaps I'm crazy, but I don't think it's going down to the last vote.  This is really a remarkable thing the world is watching and taking note:  this is not the only region in Europe that bears this struggle.  If the Scots make it work, the pressure on Spain and Catalonia will be enormous, and on and on.

Finally, tomorrow is 9/11.  A prayer, perhaps would be in order for 2900 souls no longer with us s and for a great city that showed what courage and resilience is all about.

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