Tuesday, October 1, 2013


The shutdown of the government that is.  Doesn't appear so.  May not be a bad thing.

And of course this is the first day of Obama Care filled with promises and glitches.  The Leader says that Apple has glitches as well.  8-5 these glitches don't get fixed as fast as Apple glitches, but we are off and running.

The stock market gave the day a big "Whatever," and moved up a bit.

Bond yields barely moved.

Harry Reid reached new heights is the slimeball sweepstakes.

And people began focusing on a few weeks out where the real trouble is.  The Budget, or lack of one.

Over There, everyone is focused on the no confidence vote tomorrow in Italy.  Make no mistake, this could have major ramifications.  But today, nothing, unless one wishes to make an issue in the run-up of the Pound and the Euro.  My goodness, with this vol traders must be raking it in.  Of course if things settle down politically Over Here, back down they will come.  I'm bored.

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