Monday, August 19, 2013

MONDAY, MONDAY... lousy to me.  I'm not even going to try to fake it.  There is nothing happening except that The Leader is back in D.C.  As I said, nothing's happening.

If anyone cares, the DOW was down 70 today as the 10 year ticked up again to 2.86%, and therein is the problem.  Nevertheless, all the talking heads were immensely positive as to the state of the economy bother here and around the globe despite the fact that 4/5 of Euroland is flat to down (Greek tourism is up...yea) and emerging markets are somewhat less than the flavor of the month.  In case you missed it, India is having a bit of a currency crisis and while this doesn't signal doomsday, it does represent the state of 1/6 of the world's population.  Now there is a very good argument in saying that it's August and what should one expect when there is no one in the world working but the flip side is if it stinks now just wait until September.  I know I'm terribly negative but I really don't see much about which to be positive.  Santelli on CNBC had the line of the day when asked who he preferred for Fed Chairman, Yellen or Summers.  His answer was, "It's kinda like waiting for a cab and two pull up with a blindfolded driver in each.  Which one do I take?  Who cares."

That my friend is negative.

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