Tuesday, August 20, 2013


We have Ol' Wolfie Schaeuble to thank.  Out of no where he decided to point out that Greece is going to need another bail out which shouldn't have surprised anyone but sure ticked off a few folks not to mention his buddy, Angie, who has to stand for reelection in exactly one month's time.  Why? beats me but at least we have something to talk about the next few days in what has been a truly somnolent summer even by Euro standards.  Shame, just when the ill-informed were beginning to say nice things about Euroland and suggesting that it was becoming a wonderful place to invest.  There ought to be a law.

The Leader is back in tune as well, demanding that financial reform be completed ASAP by the Congress who is still spread to the four winds.  In some writing it was reported that the Dodd/Frank bill was somewhere in the neighborhood of 850 pages long (ed.note: most entirely incomprehensible), but the regulations attempting to implement what lies therein are 15,000 pages long and counting.  Bet he has read every one and is prepared to issue guidance the first hour after Labor Day.  Lizzy will be in there swingin' right by his side.  Just can't wait for what will be the finest presentation of the lame leading the halt in modern history.   Coming to your local theater...just a few short weeks away.  Things are looking up.

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