Tuesday, July 18, 2017


We've had a lot of those here in the fly-over zone.  Georgeous.  Don't want to do a damn thing including attempting to write a financial blog when nothing of real importance is happening.  One of my buds from the West Texas Town of El Paso rang up today to add to the mood.

"Charlie, yo'all better tell the folks out there that's it's different this time.  Ain't nothin' to worry 'bout. Nothin'."

 Michael is an interesting and learned guy.  Far as I know the only two W-2s Michael ever earned in his life came from the U.S. Army in fulfillment of his ROTC commitment.  Michael is in the oil bidess.

"Yes sir.  Everything's gonna keep going up.  Ain't no chance of nuthin' goin' wrong."  Nuthin' but geniuses runnin' things now."  And the whole world's safe.  Ya hear. Tell 'em Charlie."

"Where do you have your money, Michael"

"Cash. I've made too much.  Just gonna leave some for the rest of the poor people out there.  Christian thing to do, Charlie.  I'll talk at ya."

I always wind up looking at the phone for a few minutes after Michael calls, trying to figure out whether he's a genius or simply starkers.  Still don't know.  It sure is quiet out there, however, even with the insane goings on over health care with which more people seen bored rather than concerned...at least around here...so maybe he's a genius.  Anyway, with nothing happening, aside from a real, well-received outburst from Jaime the Greek last week, I started thinking on more global issues.  Korea, China and financing popped up.  Tomorrow.  We'll go over some old ground that suddenly has become very relevant.  Right now, I'm going to sit on the porch, sip on the other half of a Bombay and actually have a Fidelista for the first time in a long time.  It's really quiet.


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