Monday, June 19, 2017


Barely.   The renovation of the kitchen and adjacent den began 11 days ago.  Down to the studs.  Unfortunately, with it went the internet, tv and whatever slow was attached.  Rather than rerouting the connection, we escaped; T & S to the grandkids and ol' Charlie to Mexico for a spot of fishing.  Five days of six foot swells and four of a 15 knot quartering wind.  Got the stuffing beat out of us.  In such conditions sport fishing becomes a full contact sport.  We're back...with a connection but not much in the basement and growling at each other.  In the meantime...

Global politics continues to dominate everything.  Macron is the new star of Europe.  May, who day by day successfully convinced her constituents that she wasn't ready, snatched defeat from the jaws of victory and The Donald...well, what can one say.  Guy is a force of nature.  Aside from MSNBC, the Washington Post and the NYT...employees of which continue to go slowly insane...along with the rest of the mass media, nobody has laid a glove on him except The Donald himself!  Perhaps that will change but as for now the financial markets are apparently completely unconcerned with all the goings on with NO volatility and equities slowly but surely moving to new historic highs every week.    The Fed did the expected and raised by a quarter and is expected to do it again (more on that later) and Over There, the Greeks got a deal from the Euros which means banks and investors get another bail-out.  Plus ca Change...

Have to start somewhere so tomorrow we start with the Fed.  It will be good to be back.  Thanks for waiting

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