Friday, May 12, 2017


This weekend and it's going to be beautiful her in the Flu-Over Zone.  Spring has finally arrived and yesterday T & S went out and spent half a million on flowers for the new digs.  They're clever they are, every one of them.  This weekend is a free fire zone; they can get away with anything. A wise man will keep,his mouth shut.  I have learned to be a wise man.

Nothing goon' on.  Economic reports Over Here were a bit on the soft side; Euroland looked better based primarily on Germany. Herr Schauble, perhaps with a Pils or two in him, proclaimed that Greece might have a restructuring by the end of what purpose one might ask...but everybody thinks that will be a good thing.  Now if Beppe and his bunch in Italia will just behave...

Actually the only thing that was bad today was the inversion in the Chinese bond market with the five year yielding slightly higher than the ten year.  I know absolutely nothing about the Chinese bond market except that's it's big and a rate inversion is rarely good news anywhere else so I guess this bears watching which I will do.  Problem is I'm going to need some help in explaining to me what it is I see.  HELP!

Finally, in the world of Trump, the shuffle to mass insanity continues.  Today, one of America's greatest newsmen, Bob Schiffer of CBS demanded that Trump must prove to the American people that "these things didn't happen."  I was driving at the time...nearly hit a tree.  How does one prove a negative?  Another thing I haven't figured out.  I guess Mr. Schiffer has.  Memo to Bob: --30--

Love to all you moms out there and guys, don't forget them.

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