Monday, May 1, 2017


I've given up.  I'm getting a new IPad this weekend.  First the desk top stopped and now my old pad is about to give up the ghost.  We're also visiting the grandkids later in the week so my son can help me buy it...I mean he'll pick it out and I'll pay for it.  I should be so lucky.

I have been lucky in a way because while I have been trying to get this darn thing to work (I mean it's only 8 years old) there has been nothing worthy of my prose (I go to such lengths to avoid ending a sentence with a preposition).  Like, it's dead out there.  If you steer away from politics and  the wee nut job in Korea as I try to do, we pundits are in deep do-do, Dude.  Europe is far more interesting these days what with the French election this weekend and apparently all sorts of skull duggery going on over BREXIT with the Euros really beginning to bowl a bit short with bouncers every other moment as in promising Northern Island that shout they merge with the Republic, they're right back in the EU.  Not cricket in the least.  Then there's this boy Junker who apparently told Ms. May that the EU is not a golf club from which one can simply resign.  Forgive me, but who would want to join if he's around?  It ain't Augusta National.  For a bunch that simply oozes confidence at every turn one has to wonder what's the big fuss if the Brits want out?  Surely there is a deal to be done here.  Easily?  No of course not but things started off with an adolescent twist and have slipped to childishness ever since.

Now there is one thing that does deserve more notice which because of the ongoing national political debate has received very little and is very close to Home.  The commonwealth of Puerto Rico is about to go bust in some form of a bankruptcy proceeding which frankly, I don't understand but which appears to make the GM monstrosity of eight years ago look like a give-away to creditors.  There is some $18 billion in very, very senior debt involved out of a total of over $70 billion that apparently has no chance of being paid.  One would think that in anticipation of the event...or non-event if you will...there might be a bit of nervousness about, but no, not a twitter.  All Quiet on the Bond Front.  Which makes me wonder whether I should spend the money on a new pad or some decent whiskey.  As a matter of fact it's about that time.

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