Tuesday, May 9, 2017


...and I set it up all by myself, so if you wind up with stuff off Hillary's server, that's the reason.

Over There, Macron who as expected.  Big.  All the world expels a sign of relief with good reason.  Mme. Le Pen would have been a disaster, not because of policy (that can be changed overnight) but because she would have been a physchological wrecking ball for France.  At this stage, the French are probably irredeemable statist; they like to be told what to do and how to live.  Probably a result of the revolution which produced chaos, followed by Bony, followed by the Second Republic, followed by another Bony, followed by...well, you have the picture.  Life is easier when there is authority that says do this, do that.  Change is really not appreciated.  There will be little with Macron but the Republic is saved and Euroland is saved for the time being.  Bon!  Le Pen is a nutter by the by.

So, that's the politics, what about the economics?  Don't know.  Macron, at one time a self-proclaimed socialist claims he has seen the light (and a couple of big, fat pay checks from Rothchild's) but he is a product of the elite of France whose socialistic tendencies are well-known as long as their own money is not involved.  There will be some liberalization of the French economy but not much.  France will be more competitive but not much.  The government's share of French GDP may be reduced but not by much.  The cost of Euroland will,go up--by a lot, and without the Brits...oh yeah, don't believe what you read in some papers, they're gone...Jacque and Jean will be paying more which they will not like.   It's good Macron is 39; this a job for a young man.  I don't like the looks of this down the road but it's still France and it's a wonderful place.  Good luck to them.

Meanwhile, Over Here, it's nothing but politics and the Trumpster just fired the head of the FBI.  BUT, there is continued talk of a rethink of the awful Dodd/Frank legislation, from both sides of the aisle.  Maybe this isn't just political blabber; maybe this thing has legs.

I love my new IPad.

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