Tuesday, October 25, 2016


It starts tonight in Cleveland the home of the Indians who haven't won this thing since 1948 and the Cubbies who haven't won it since 2008.  Now I lover football, both the American version and what we call Over Here soccer, but if you have never watched a World Series game in person, you have missed something special.  Every move (or non-move for that matter) is nerve-wracking.  The tension is brutal and the hardest thing in sport...to hit a round ball with a round piece of wood...becomes even more difficult given the pressure especially when EVERY pitcher is throwing at about 95 MPH even if he never do so before in his life.  It is The Show.

Anyway, Mr. Carney met with The Lords today and remarked that folks were getting a bit too wound up over the perils of BREXIT which immediately put a bounce in the Pound.  Thanks Mark, so bloody much.  Might have been a bit more useful if you hadn't been part of the gloom and doom brigade a few months back, but finding religion at any time I guess is a good thing.  More interestingly, the Gov of the Bank of England gave the pretty clear impression that a continuation of QE, whilst certainly not out of the question, may not be the all-curing economic medicine that so many had claimed it to be.  Mr. Carney has fallen right in line with his colleagues who, feeling the heat from various political factions around the world, seem to be collectively coming to the conclusion that the less people see of them the better and while not exactly hot-footing it away from drowning the world in liquidity, certainly seem prepared to take a break as pacemakers and allow someone else to carry the load for a while.

Those of course are the politicians, starting in this country where in the normal Democratic tradition Hillary is prepared to throw scads of taxpayers money at anything in the hope of making it work better (and build the size and scope of government) while The Donald happily pronounces that he loves debt.   Wherever one looks, politicians seem to be backing away from any thought of austerity which if not terrifying in itself now should be!  It sort of strikes me that we are all on a road that somewhere ahead, around a bend is a toll booth, and that toll is going to be a hell of a big one.  But I keep saying that so I guess I'm getting boring and--admittedly--cranky.   Then again, that happens to a Yankee fan who is trying to figure out how the dickens the Cubs and the Indians made it to the show. Who are these guys anyway?  Eight o'clock tonight in the Mistake by the Lake.  PLAY BALL!

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