Tuesday, October 18, 2016


No, we are not going to start today.  I got my dates wrong for the ECB meeting and thought we could follow on with our discussion of yesterday.  BUT, the meeting is Thursday not today and I'm sitting here with nothing prepared.  I should also mention that we are out of town on Thursday so I buggered this up to a fair-thee-well.  What I was going to say was the Sr. Draghi will probably keep his game plan i  place but I expect a pretty big hedge in any statement.  Anyway we just have to wait.

In the mean time there was a big jump in inflation numbers in Merry Ol' yesterday.  Big scoop.  Your currency declines 16% in three months what should you expect?  Nevertheless, it's a good sign.  Exports are bound to show a jump and it would appear that the average Brit has not gone to the mattresses but has kept calm and carried on.  In a bit of a surprise, Euroland ticked up as well.  Can prosperity be just around the corner?  Nah.

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