Friday, September 2, 2016


...which was the cry heard up and down the street today.

The jobs number came in a around 150,000 which was deemed to be OK but certainly not so OK as to raise expectations for a September rate hike.  In fact, it just about took the hike off the table and despite the fact that the jobs were to a large extent burgers and bedpans, no one was concerned because it was the hitting of the "whisper number" right on the button that sent the DOW up 78 and everybody home early for the long week-end.

Of course there was (and is) whaling and cursing on the Hampton's Jitney because former Hurricane Hermine is going to ruin the whole damn weekend, which, given the Jobs number could have been perfect.  Know what?  Hermine, I love you darlin'!  They don't deserve anything better.  But just don't come our way.  The fly-over zone is going to be perfect!!!!!

A great Labor Day Weekend!!  Back Tuesday...I think!

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