Monday, August 15, 2016


Beautiful if hot weekend.  I was speaking with my friend, Vaughn, who runs a huge Fresh Veggie stand at the farmer's market  in town.  He's been a farmer all his life like his father before him.  400 or so acres or so of prime land which these days goes close to 10 Large an acre. It is a serious operation.

"Never seen anything quite like this," said he.  "Been perfect from the first planting right up to now.  Gotten a bit dry from time to time but just ask for rain and the nature delivers.  Need some right now.  It will come."

And it did.  Saturday night and all day today which means everything is good until harvest. A remarkable year that will certainly show record yields.  As you drive through the fly-over zone the impression is that we could feed the world if it came to it.  The abundance of riches possessed by this country is astounding.  We are truly blessed.

Just thought I would mention that not as a lead-in to anything else but just as something that should be brought to mind from time to time.  As a matter of fact, there is nothing into which it could lead.  August is in full swing around the world with Europe essentially closed, everyone obsessed with the Olympics (which will proven to be a catastrophe for Rio and Brazil) and the election Over Here.  The comment on the markets today was that everyone is waiting on the release of the Fed minutes tomorrow.  The Big Trader could announce the date for the end of the world tomorrow and there would be little reaction.  Nobody's home.  But, there being nothing to change momentum, markets continued to move upwards despite a growing feeling that equities at least might be getting a bit toppy.

I must admit, I kind of like the peace and quiet but as I've aid before it's had for bloggers.  So it's back to scratchin' and diggin' for subjects.  Pr maybe paying more attention to my tomatoes.  Vaughn says you have to talk to them.  I never knew that but at least it will probably be better than talking to myself.  I wonder if they talk back?  Self does that from time to time.  I don't like it when he does.

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