Wednesday, July 20, 2016


a week makes.  We were on the Left Coast for a week at another wedding and had a simply fine time. I thought I had mentioned it, but as a few dropped a line to inquire as to my well-being, I guess I didn't and to those a grateful, "Thank You."  It felt really good.

Anyway, from a 1.33% yield we closed today a6 1.58%  with seven consecutive days of the DOW heading upward.  Nothing but good news despite murders and mayhem all over the world, slaughter in our streets and a Presidential race that some 70 years ago could not have been covered by the public media lest the children be irreparably harmed.  A a wise man once put it, "Do you want to be right or make money?"  Which is why I don't have a private jet.  Air travel is awful by the way.

It feels good to be back although how we are going to pay for this latest sojourn to Fruit and Nut Land is a real question.  It is remarkable to experience what I guess the real world costs after huddling down in the fly-over zone for these many years.  The contrasts are remarkable highlighting an entirely difference aspect of the "two Americas" about which the politicians consistently speak.  Home base was Newport Beach with an old school buddy and his bride and, yes, it is one of the priciest pieces of real estate around but the rest of So. California is a sticker shock of major proportions these days to an old codger like me who--admittedly--never really traveled steerage when earning a buck.  I've returned with a greater appreciation of the generational differences which surround us today and a greater understanding of what might seem dangerous and risky and expensive to me is easily embraced by the millennials in our midst.  There is just so much out there that it seems it will never end.  Of course at some point it will.  Then again, it is a state where millions live on a fault line that will never shift...until it does.  They laugh at it and one cannot help but to admire them for it.  What a generation.

I'm trying to get into a new theme that isn't politically driven but wow, is it going to be hard.  I never watch conventions but if Melania swapped jobs with her old man she could have a vote sitiing here.  Zowie!  And Over There, the new Iron Lady has taken over and put on a good show with her first run-in with Parliament.  BREXIT is almost a thing of the past with the geniuses of the financial markets who will continue to pound the Pound until it is suggested that they stop as a last gasp at proving they were right.  Maybe things are really looking up...perhaps I should sneak away more often.  What a difference...

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