Thursday, June 30, 2016


"Shakespearian over here. Boris gone, stabbed to death by Gove. Boris won us Brexit (not Gove), but now Gove says Boris can't lead the country. Labour's disintegration in the hands of the hard left is accelerating. Europeans now talking about "Brexit Nexit", especially the blond Wilders who runs Holland. Something has been unleashed and slouches towards Bethlehem..."

...And that is all that I know but my bud, Gordon, usually gets it right.  I must admit I was gobsmacked by the news this morning  and I wasn't alone  I know knothing about Gove except what the papers say which is that he is quite brilliant and a total bastard.  Don't have a dog in this fight so we'll just wait and see what happens.

The buy-back is now complete with the Dow up a bundle again today, the 10 year at 1.48% and the pound leveling if albeit at far lower predicted.  Gold Star for Mrs. James' little boy, Charlie.  As for the future, I think I'll quit while I'm ahead but I still think that the EU should be on the watch list; Greece immediately but certainly Italy and to a lesser extent, Spain.  Then there's the Dutchies...but I leave them to Gordon.

Off to see the mid-west grandkids tomorrow and probably will not be back in harness until Tuesday.  Anyway, have a wonderful Independence Day and a query for our Brit readers...Doesn't it feel good!

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