Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Some have suggested that I was too hard on Billy the Dud yesterday.  I mean, after all, said one caller, the DOW is up damn near 200 (it closed up 220) and the Greeks seem to have a deal!  As the football guy says, "Not so fast my friend."

The DOW was up because oil was up because half of the place where the oil is in Canada seems to be burning.  If anybody can find a long term trend in that, call home quickly.  Traders at work.  As for the Greeks, the Germans today announced...something.  Actually, they were no longer negative on a renegotiation under new terms and conditions that were "being discussed" and which, by the by, the Greeks could never in anybody's wildest imagination, ever meet.  But the whole world belongs to the traders these days and this is what one gets when there is hope--or doom for that matter--in the wind.

Then of course there's Jacob/Jack down in P.R saying all sorts of encouraging things like, "Something must be done."  I'm sure no one had that figured out until his pronouncement, so we can all rest well tonight.  And then there is BREXIT.

The latest poll had this thing dead even at 43%-43% with a remarkable 14% undecided.  Now of course this all started when Mr. Cameron dreamed up the brilliant idea of a referendum a couple of years ago when things were looking a bit bleak for he and his party to counter Labor's threats to get out.  Little did anyone know that Labor, in the general election would stand a fool like Jeremyand proceed to shoot itself in the foot, head and most other place leaving Mr. Cameron the once and future P.M. elegantly regaled upon his own petard and facing a far greater threat to his career in the form of former Mayor of London, Boris Johnson who is stumping all over the country and simply destroying Mr. Cameron in the most mocking terms since his late fellow American Sir Winston (yes, they were both born in America) used to refer to the Labor Minister for health in The Commons as, "The Right Honorable Minister of Disease."  When you have 14% who don't seem to have a clue at this point, their susceptibility to this kind of electioneering is, I suspect, worrisome if you are the P.M.

So, maybe Jacob/Jack should head Over There to sort this thing out and finish the job his boss started...well, do something in any case.  I'd hate to see Billy lose sleep as we get closer to a decision.  He sounded so happy the other day.

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