Tuesday, May 17, 2016


He was tired.  He had worked the better part of six days without rest and it had proven to be a harder task than he had envisioned.  One final thing to do, but he needed rest...he thought, finish, then rest.

"Hell of a job, Boss.  That was one big bang."

"Thanks, Gabe.  It did go well didn't it."

"Certainly did.  I wonder if anybody will ever figure this out?"

"No, not really.  They'll work around the edges and get a lot of stuff right but in the end...no...never...no one."

"Of all the stuff out there do you have a favorite."

"A favorite?  Not really.  Couldn't really do that you see.  It's all equal but in some of the places I've made some more equal than others but they all have an equal shot.  Some will make it and some will miss, but that's life I suppose...huh, just made that one up. "

"You should rest now, boss."

"Not quite yet, I have one other thing to do.  I'm going to have a bit of fun with one of these places.  Just for our amusement, really.  Uh, don't say it, Gabe, I know that's really naughty but I mean it can't be all work and no play can it."

"Well, you're the boss.  Just what do you have in mind?"

"Check this out: I'm going to make a place on that spot over there (pointing) that is going to be like no other.  It's going to have the most fertile land as far as the eye can see.  It's going to have a perfect climate.  It's going to have lakes and rivers and streams and forests and jungles all teaming with fish and animals.  It's going to have miles of warm oceans in front of it all teaming with fish.  But the topper is--and nobody will know this for a while--but I'm going to give it this thing called oil...more oil than anybody else has."

"Wow, boss, what a place!  But forgive me, you can't do that."


"Well because if you do you it will be the most unequal place on that spot over there (pointing).  Now I know you said that stuff about being more equal than others but boss, this is over the top.  This is really more equal.  You can't do it, you just can't.  It will cause all kinds of troub..."

"Gabe, trust me, this will be fun."

"Sounds like it's going to make a lot of work for Mike and me keeping things on track."

"No Gabe, because I'm going to even things out.  I'm going to make a bunch of people who will be called Venezuelans and they are going to live there........and I just did it!  Just you wait an see what happens in that spot.  It will be unbelievable!

Now Gabe do me a favor.  Play me a nice, soft song on that trumpet of yours.  I really am tired and that will sooth me."

.........and Gabriel blew his horn (softly) and God rested.  It was the seventh day.  It turned out just as God said it would.


Surprisingly good economic numbers today which in the minds of some put June back in play for a rate hike.  Of course the stock market tanked.  More on that tomorrow

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