Friday, April 1, 2016


A quick close to the week.  The job number was good at 215,000--higher than the estimate but lower than the whisper number.  The jobs were low payers but hey, they're jobs.  Whilst the unemployment number rose to 5%, it could be argured that that wasthe result of more people looking for jobs which is a positive sign--or maybe it was just better statistics...who knows.  The markets loved it because it wasn't good enough to convince the Fed to tighten this month and all the indicies were up with the dollar down which is supposedly good for profits.  Anyway, smiles all around going into the weekend.

Even industrial production was up which is a solid sign that things are looking better.  One month does not a trend make but at least we're trending in the right direction.  We'll live with the numbers until there is a reason not to.

But...and yeah, I know, with me there is always a "but"...the darned 10 year didn't move.  I mean in didn't move.  And that still troubles me.  But not this weekend.  Seven matches to go.  Spurs vs. Liverpool in the bright am.  Who cares about the global economy.  We're coming for you Leicester City!

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