Monday, December 21, 2015


It is shaping up to be the third warmest December in history in this part of the fly-over zone after last year's record cold and snow-fall.  Thank you El Nino, but while 50 degree  F. temperatures are nice on the skin and on the wallet, aside from my eye, last year I was fit as a fiddle and this year I can't stop getting sick...or begin getting cured.

So I asked the Quack the other day as to why and his answer was "bugs don't like it below freezing."  Now that for a change seemed to make sense but while I am now wiser, I've been sick for two weeks and can't seem to kick whatever this thing is.  It goes, it comes; it goes it comes and stays.  I feel like hell which is why I haven't written much in the past few days.  Apologies.  Not that there is very much to write about of course except that they way things are developing, 2016 could be a great year for scribes even without the madness of a Presidential election.  Anyway, I'm heading off to bed with a hot rum toddy and a book to match up with my second Z-Pack to think about my predictions for next year to which I plan to devote some space in the next few days...assuming I survive.  Should be fun.

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