Monday, November 16, 2015


The reporting from Paris was so horrible that it leaves one speechless.  The inhumanity of ISIS is incomprehensible.  The effect on Europe and indeed, the entire world is unknowable.  The refugee crisis spawned by this animal organization could result in the radical altering if not the destruction of European society and yet we witnessed today in Turkey, Il Duce more upset at his "strategy" for the ISIS threat being questioned by reporters and comparing the organized terror assault to the random shootings we unfortunately endure in the United States.  It left one speechless; even my bud Gordon in England who, although an ardent Obama Foreign Policy supporter was forced to admit that perhaps Obama "miscued" a bit.  Insofar as concerning understatement, Gordie is nothing if not a Brit.

And then there are our financial geniuses who drove the DOW up about 250 points today  as though nothing had occurred with whispers that this event may give the Fed pause to raise rates in December coupled with the Euro crashing again against the dollar.  Parity would be a bad thing you see.  Perhaps if somebody dropped The Big One we would reach new all-time highs.  I'm really beginning to question my sanity (yeah, yeah, go ahead and agree).  Am I the only person who sees risk out there?  Am I alone wondering what the hell would happen if market volatility begins to climb (as it certainly must at some point does it not?) in the face of the remarkable report appearing...and the WSJ last week that bond dealers are carrying a net short position in corporate fixed income (forget about many emerging markets) for the first time since anyone can remember?  With the new regulations there's just not enough money to be made in holding inventory with which to make markets given the added-on cost of the assets, so why bother?  In this new game of musical chairs what happens if the music stops?  I'd be carrying a chair around with me but that's just old, crazy Charlie.  I think I'll have a drink instead...maybe two.   Later.  Allons enfants...VIVE LA FRANCE!

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