Tuesday, June 30, 2015


A cliff-hanger for the Saturday matinee.  Rumors all over.  The Greeks made another offer; the Euros made another offer.  The Greeks will not pay the IMF today.  They will if they get money.  Tsapris urges a "NO" vote on the referendum.  Tsapris may urge a "YES" vote.  Tsapris is out...he's IN!  Yep, a real cliff-hanger.

Meanwhile, the markets opened as if nothing was going on.  As a matter of fact they were well-up in the morning on rumors of a possible deal but slowly sold off as the day progressed, but no big deal.  One would think that a Greek default today coupled with Puerto Rico who could well default tomorrow would have a greater effect.  Nah, no big deal.  In the mean time if there is anyone who knows or understands what the hell is going on in China, would you please give me a call.  I get the feeling that I'm missing something...no, wait...make that A LOT. Then again, I think I may be getting to be like everybody else; don't worry be happy.  I'm sure Pauline will get off the tracks before the train comes...wont she?

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