Friday, June 12, 2015


From start to finish it took 31 minutes.  If I was a bit more spry, it would have been less but moving from the laser station to the procedure table takes me a bit of time.  They score your eye, cut it, blast your old lens with the laser, vacuum it out, slide you over to the other table while you're saying to yourself, "Hold on, I can't see, my lens is gone" (you can't), plop you down, drop another lens in...this one man-made... close it up and send you home.  Damnedest thing.  Remarkable.  It will take a week for the final evaluation but it looks like a success.  Remarkable.

What was even more remarkable which is why I am writing this is that the IMF said 'Adios" to the Greeks.  I've been around for a while and I can't think of ever seeing this before.  Remarkable.  Is it a negotiating move I asked?  Nope, was the reply, they just got their knickers in a twist and went home.  Horror of horrors, said the markets and everything got turned upside down.    It means absolutely nothing of course.  The Fund is a pain in the bum and has been for a long time.  They add nothing except the cost of first class air fare.  Better they stay in D.C.  Tax free living ain't bad in that town.

And so it comes down to whether Angie wants to keep the Greeks in or not.  She does.  Another 300 Billion in tax payer funded debt is not something she wants to explain away just now with everything else that is going on.  The problem is with Tsapris.  He has to figure what concessions he CAN make without getting his head handed to him by the more committed members of his party.  AND he has to make Angie believe that whatever he comes up with is really as far as he can go.  He has very, very little credibility left:  no one else has any.  But, what me worry?  Hey, I have a surgeon who is rather proud of himself, an eye that works and friends who care.  Not a bad way to start the weekend.

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