Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Well, the Greeks have been given 48 hours.  Sometimes the clock is stopped one minute before the 48th hour and that may happen here but I think this play is over by Friday but not before the final scene in acted out.

Remember that game theory routine?  If the Greekies are still playing--and I think they may be--here's what happens.  At the last minute back they come to the Euros with these lines:  "Look, it's not us, we really did agree, but the damn parliament will not accept the terms and would rather kill the whole thing.  Now, if we could just change this here and that there...I mean they are such little changes..."  It might work.  At this stage everybody just wants it done and the chance that the Euros throw up their hands and simply agree to end things is a good one.  Then of course, back home go the Greeks and back they come next week with, "You know, if we could just get this language..."

Anyway, I'm back in surgery tomorrow for the other eye which should be pretty easy.  Somebody let me know what's happening.  Should be back on Friday.  See ya (every pun intended).

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