Thursday, May 7, 2015


It's the day of the Election and the polls have just closed.  Early reporting indicates that the Conservatives have done better than expected; the Scottish Nationalist Party has swept Scotland, slaughtering all Laborites in their advance, but the clear result seems to be a coalition, with whomsoever needing 326 votes in Parliament to form a government.  That, in the real world doesn't work so unless there are some dramatic shifts in what the poll takers believe will be the result, the not-so-United Kingdom is in a hell of a will be Europe, as will be the "special relationship," as will be NATO.  Should the Laborites, the Scottish Nationals and a group of other odds and sods come out on top, there will be...hell, I don't know what there will be.  One thing for sure, if you have a couple of hundred million laying about, there might be some rather interesting opportunities for space in the City and the West End.

...Just checked with Mad Max.  He says the pound is gangbusters in Asia.  Maybe they know something we don't...and will not until about midnight EST.   I'll be up.  Too big not to be.  It will be the Longest Day.

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