Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Does anyone out there have a wooded stake?  Most everyone had believed that the guy had been buried three weeks ago but nope, here he is running around again, day and night, shooting his mouth off.  OK, so maybe he isn't a vampire--they only show up when the sun sets--but somebody still has to stick a stake in this guy before the whole thing goes down the gurgle tube.

Varoufakis is out of control at the most critical of times.  Look, it is quite clear that there is no real "financial" solution to this Greek mess.  There is no money to be had except from the EZ and Chrissy at the Fund has to get paid next week or else you might as well roll up the marble floors in that Gazillion dollar building in D.C. and think up another money burner for the taxpayers of the world.  Well, not quite, but a big piece of credibility is lost in a non-payment.

This is now purely a political decision leading to a political solution so for The Gods' sake Mr. Greek finance minister, shut up, crawl back in the cave at Delphi and stop pissing off every politician from Poland to Portugal, not to mention Sr. Draghi whose good will is the only thing keeping alive your banking system.  And while you are climbing the mountain, no more off-hand comments about the catastrophe that will befall the world at the moment of a Grexit.  We have told you before:  Greece is not a real country.  The Euro have already planned for you to leave.  They don't want you to, but you are more trouble than you are worth.  And as for a knock-on effect, or "contagion" as the whizzes at this business like to call it...there isn't a man or woman around that doesn't know the Euro was a crazy, unworkable idea as conceived from the start.  That doesn't mean they aren't prepared to stick with it for another 30 years without you.  This mob has staying power and they will never, ever admit that they might have made a mistake.  So guys, let's zip it up and decide how the troops back home are going to survive on humble pie for a while unless of course you really want to leave and believe you can make it work.  I wouldn't mind.  Greece on 3 Euros a day has a real appeal.

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