Friday, April 24, 2015


I fell like Mad Max (the guy in the movie not my buddy), trapped in a strange and dangerous land.  I am surrounded by every breed known to survive in the Universe except when one ventures into the Seats of Power as I did this week at the Capitol Hill Club (republican) and I assume at the National Democratic Club where I shall dine next week.  They are all alike.  The deal there is to ascertain who is present who is most important and the somehow meet him/her if not already acquainted.  You can't help but wonder how many of these encounters will result in the waste of billions of ddtaxpayer's dollars.  Many, I am sure.

This morning was poetry reading by the kindergarten class at The local school attended by grandson Smart Charlie, named such to distinguish him from other similarly named members in the family.  He was quite good, I can only believe, as he was inaudible.  His best friend, however, could be heard by all; he did something only slightly shorter than the Song of Hiawatha.  For my many sins, I thought.  

Then again, if you asked me where I would rather be, here or in Riga, Lativia, there would be little hesitation.  Seems as if the Euros have come to the conclusion that The Rock Star Is little more than worthless and are beginning to state what has been quite obvious for some time now in public.  We are not yet and the end of this game of spoof but we are pretty well getting there. 

While all of this nothingness was transporting, Tsaiparis was off chatting with his new best friend,  Val,  about pipelines and cash advances and other such nonsense that will get him to nowheresville quicker than the simple march of time.  Breaking up is hard to do but these boys are trying real hard in the face of all kind of signs that there can be a deal crafted if they so desire.

I don't think it is politics so much as it is ego.  This administration was to be the new broom but their obligations to the EZ will prevent the first sweep unless some significant compromises--or capitulations  if you wish--are agreed.   Admittedly I don't know enough about the internal politics of Greece, especially the left wing side, but prople who claim to do further claim that there would be hell to pay but Tsapris could survive.  The Rock Star would be finished, but that wouldn't be a bad thing at all.  Indeed, he could be carried off on his shield...another immortal in the making...triumphant in personal defeat and hallowed in history.  What the hell, he's dead meat anyway.  A somewhat new coalition would form and off the government would careen until the next crisis a year or so down the road, frankly at whatever point in time that is comfortable to the Euros.  At least that is what the experts say.  Yeah it would be viewed as failure which is hard for one's ego to handle, but heck, you have a country to run, Akexi, and what a good thing for you to figure out.  I mean an epic:  By the shores of Athensgumi, by the shinning big-sea water..."  Smart Charlie's buddy would have a field day.

Sorry for the delay.  Me and Google were at in again, and it still doesn't work right, but number on son got me this far and it's the best we're going to do.  Tells me it's has something to do with this IPad which like me is too old.  At least he has beautiful kids.

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