Monday, March 23, 2015


Had  to spend most of the day with the docs and as a result I am up to speed with nothing.  Clean bills of health, however, so that was good news which is more than I can say for what seems to be going on in the financial world.   More on that tomorrow.

The one thing I did catch today was the latest goings-on in, not vis-a-vis the Euros, but among themselves.

Seems as those they are threatening to put the guy who tallies up the fiscal deficit and its relationship to the GDP, which plays a huge role in the EZ deciding the level of austerity needed, in JAIL!  The poor guy is a statistician for God's sake!  Who the hell threatens a statistician with jail time?  Well, the Greeks are doing just that claiming that he was in cahoots with the Euros to make it bad for Mother Hellas.  Now, the fact that the Greeks phonied up their numbers way back when in order to get into the EU may be a fact lost in history, but this whole thing is becoming a nightmare. I'm beginning to think that these guys may find themselves outside looking in not because they want to but because they are so dumb and incompetent that it turns out to just be a horrible mistake.  It is as such that history is made.

Correction:  Last week I related the tale of the Greek Finance minister flipping off his German counterpart.  I gave the impression that it was a current event.  Not so.  It happened (if it did) some time ago and was just recently reported.  The error is entirely mine.

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