Monday, February 16, 2015


Just a quickie.  Presidents Day Over Here but it was Children's Day Over There as the meeting between Greece and the Euros dissolved into a shouting match with the sides, I am told, now genuinely furious at one anther.  Told you so.  The Greeks haven't had a clue beginning with the thought that they could waltz into Brussels and get this mob to bend over without eating a lot of humble pie.  Lazard, which was never any one's first choice to start has apparently been of no help at all.  I don't have all the details nor any inside scoop but I will by tomorrow.  Suffice to say nobody's talkin' to nobody as we put this to bed.

A thought to close:  there is a deal to be done here, children.  Find a mommy and a daddy and have them talk it out.  If I be you Mr. Greek, I'd include Sr Draghi in that chat.  He's has the money; best he be in at the start.

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