Thursday, February 12, 2015


"So (he actually pronounces it "Zo") I was right I was not./"

"Hans, when you are right, you are right."

"Ja and on the head I hit the nail.  But now the Greeks have a really big problem."

"A new one!"

"Oh ja.  Huge. Monster.  The Axis is mad like hell."

"The Axis?  What Axis?"

"The old one...The Italians and the Germans..........OK Charlie, I make a joke, OK.  Draghi and Schauble I mean.  Look like fools this morning and they not like that.  My fellow a mean bastard is Wolfgang.  This will take some time to get over."

"What the hell happened?"

"The Greeks, they agree, but like I said they don't know what they agree.  But Wolfgang and Draghi, they know because this is old stuff.  So they shake hands with Greeks and go to bed like I say.  Then Greeks call Athens and come back and say they not agree.  Nobody can talk and nobody tell Wolfgang until the morning.  He go off like rocket.  Say he has been lied.  You know, Charlie he is a bit crazy in good times.  Draghi, I don't know, but how would you feel."

"Oh boy!  Are they talking now? "

"With Schauble?  No, and without Schauble why talk at all.  Look, he didn't go to Brazil this week.  Charlie, if you, rather be in Brazil this time of year or in Brussels with the Greeks.  Not a happy man, Charlie, not happy."

"So now what.?"

"Hah.  I have no idea.  I talk to a friend and he tells me that the Greeks have been told that the EZ doesn't want to talk to a fax machine with legs!  Pretty funny, eh.  I bet next time you see Tsipras in the talks which means some head of state from the EZ has to be involved."


"I don't know.  I don't know her but I doubt it.  Besides I think she's worried more about Russia than the Greeks.  I think they get somebody like the Dutchman.  Hah!  Poor Greeks.  They are bigger bastards than Schauble!"

"And in the mean time?"

"Who knows?  Look, Charlie, I must go.  How you say...long weekend? with Gillian."

"My love to her.  Your place in Spain?"

No, that's gone.  Sardinia.  Very cheap, good food.  Very quiet.  We are getting old, Charlie."

"Indeed, Hans.  Safe return and thanks."

"Ciao, Charlie...I call next week maybe with more (laughing) genius!"

God, I hate it when he does that.

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