Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Germany slaughtered Brazil today in the semi-finals 7-1 and it wasn't that close.  No point in talking any more about it except to say a wonderfully formed team, organized and well-coached beat a side missing it's best player due to injury from a vicious tackle in the previous match and its most important player due to pure stupidity.  Brazilian football has never been at a lower point.

More importantly, and little understood by the folks Over Here is what will be the effect on Brazil as a nation.  Remember when Brazil was supposed to be the world's powerhouse, surpassing the United States in practically every respect by 2020?  Today, it is a nation torn by mis-management, poor government and social divisions which were only heightened by the billions upon billions spent on the preparations for this World Cup and the Olympics which are to follow in two years.  To and extent, Brazilians were prepared to accept the waste and corruption if it would result in the inevitable victory by The Selection on the sacred grounds of Maricana.  That is gone and despair will undoubtedly replace the anticipation of that glorious victory.  Because of a GAME, we could all have a hell of a mess on our hands threatening not only the coming Olympics but the political and economic stability of the country as well.  It can only get worse; either the hated Argentines or yet another European side will march out to face the Germans on Sunday.  The Selection is gone and with it the pride of a nation.

O, by the way, we're back.

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