Wednesday, June 11, 2014


What began as a civil but important discussion as to the governorship of the EU between David Cameron and Angela Merkel has gotten a bit ugly in recent days and today has emerged with dissenting positions fully expressed and battle lines drawn.

This all started over who would be the new President of the European Commission and came to a head when Cameron flat out rejected Jean-Claude Juncker, the former PM of Luxembourg said to be the choice of Ms. Merkel.

Frankly, I don't believe that Mr. Cameron has any real objection to Mr. Juncker other than perhaps what the hell sense does it make having a guy from Luxembourg guide the show, nor is it personal with Ms. Merkel, but when the most recent elections across Europe have indicated a far more nationalist fervor having what is a faceless bureaucrat as is Mr. Juncker  the face of European Unity is probably not the greatest idea anyone has ever had.  Further, the natural suspicion on the part of all that Mr. Juncker is German in name and in all other things that count further inflames the north/south division and raises new suspicions along the lines of he being merely a front for German interests.  Suspicion and distrust are at an all time high Over There.  And so, Mr. Cameron has a point but what really got things going was his not-so-veiled-threat that give us Juncker and we walk which Angie took personally and let THAT be known to all and sundry.  Angie's List of candidates is to be taken seriously.

Well just hours ago, David came up with his own pick, none other that the PM of Denmark, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, she of selfie fame with The Leader at the funeral that was reported to have put Michelle ma Bell's knickers in a twist.  Why?  Haven't a clue except for the fact that she is apparently well-liked and is…oh hell, she's really good looking and that still counts for something, especially Over There--and here too except we will not admit it.  When I heard that news I said, "Hang on, is there some other connection," and called a bud in London to check on it.

Turns out that Madame PM is married to none other than the son of Neil Kinnock (now Lord Kinnock), the former head of the Labor Party, union head-knocker, rabble rouser and all-around jerk...IMHO.  My pal is as mystified as am I as to whether there is some deep, dark collusion going on but the place is beginning to more and more resemble the Europe of 200 years ago when every ruler's half-wit son was married off to some non-descript daughter of a possible enemy to prevent a war or to the daughter of the ally to reinforce the peace.  Europe over the years had so much in-breeding that webbed feet began to pop up.  Anyway, we shall see how Angie deals with this one but David is playing what has suddenly, because of the surprising strength of the British economy, a rather strong hand--especially that if there were to be a referendum, everyone recognizes that the Brits would be gone.  As I have said before, I don't believe the EU could survive that event.

Overhanging all this are two events of importance.  The first is the downgrade of the world's economy by the World Bank which is taken far more seriously Over There than Over Here.  The second are the recent events in Iraq which seems to have raised a few issues in The Leader's contention that Al Qaida is "on the run."  Suddenly, all bets are off as to this part of the world and it's energy supplies that, if affected either in availability or price will clearly have a negative effect on the world economy.  If there is any humor--dark or otherwise--to be found in all of this it has to be the State Department spokes-person, a blond possessing the arrogance of only the truly stupid responding to the question is the fall of Mosul a major even with, "I don't think so, there's not a lot of land involved."  Of course to reporter never thought to follow up with, "Would your response be the same if Chicago were to be overrun?"  We may be doomed.

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