Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Read The Wall Street Journal's leading article today on Debit Suisse.  They did a far more complete job in explaining the joke of the government's actions but then hey, what do you expect.  It's me against an entire editorial board and they agree.  Probably got the idea from reading the blog.  We bask in our little victories.

Fed minutes got released today and while the boys and girls are talking about tightening, there is no consensus as to timing.  Joy abounds, and the markets roared ahead as the 10 year stayed at 2.53% which if you haven't been watching is a hell of a lot higher yield than the Bund…still.  And it is here that I end today.  I'm developing some thoughts about Euroland that I'm trying to expand and intend to start tomorrow.  The rest of the herbs went into the ground today and TWO barbecues are in planning stage for the weekend.  The weather is spectacular…I almost miss the last of the 110 inches of snow that was around up until a few weeks ago.   Yeah, right.

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