Thursday, April 24, 2014


Not a lot of fun getting hit in the face with a blast from a leaf blower.  Even less fun when you realize what must be hanging around in the residue from the fall when you eye blows up like a balloon inside of three hours from an infection and not from mere trauma.  Washed the damn thing out as well not five minutes after the event.  From now on I wear gloves when working in the garden.

There was a wonderful little vignette in the Times today about the N.Y. City A.G. bringing an action against some firm for improperly charging clients for loans made.  Sounded like a good idea given the reported facts but the funny part was that the authorities just realized that they could bring such an action only because of Dodd/Frank.  What a kick and where is Nancy Pelosi when you need her?
Somebody actually read this 2000 page piece of rubbish unlike Obama Care which nobody read.  Of course they read it sometime after it became law but, hey, that's the way we do things these days. Onward and upward.

Meanwhile, Over There, our friends were quite pleased to have announced that for the first time in quite some time the Union has met it's target for deficits coming in overall at 3% which had been the bogie at the very formation of the currency union but hardly ever met--or for that matter enforced--throughout these many years.  Of course the manner of achievement, the draconian cuts in governmental spending which has led to near-economic collapse in some states cannot be overlooked.  Nor can the identity of the one member that stands far apart from complying with the fiscal accords; yep, you guessed it, France again.  It's all great fun, really, but it is not far from the truth when one says that European recovery cannot be achieved without France and France is in a bad case right now.  Of course, she is well-capable of sending one of her leading economists on the road to hump his book proclaiming the joys of a wealth tax under the adoring eye of Little Paulie, ignoring of course that solely as a result of France's tax laws, there are more Frenchmen in London than in Lyon; a perfect reversal of the situation of 6-8 years ago when the Brits were moving in droves to France.  Memo to Jacob/Jack: taxes do matter.

Another item in the fun department that occurred during my recovery was the Argies getting there first shot before the Supreme Court  in a case that only a lawyer could love.  You might remember that they got the crap knocked out of them in the Second Circuit on really what was a contract law decision with an overlay of sovereign immunity and nonsense regarding the "safety of the system" if the plaintiffs should prevail.  That decision is under review as a writ of Ceritorari has been asked to be granted but in putting the cart before the horse, the Supremes overheard arguments as to the lengths the creditors could go to seek out and find Argentine assets of any size, shape or color anywhere in the world.  As I said, it's a wonderful case for lawyers only, involving the Sovereign Immunity Act of 1976 and vast reaches of international conflict of law issues but that does not mean it is unimportant.  Indeed it is very important, but why decide this if you haven't decided to hear the argument in the case which brings this to the fore?  Maybe because Cert will not be granted meaning the Argies lose?  Or signals are being sent to the tune of, "common guys, settle this."  We shall soon know.  Don't forget about it.  As Joe Biden would say, "This is a big ^%$*)*^ case."

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