Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I've spent two days with half the physicians in this town.  It appears nothing is wrong with me because I haven't gotten the results of anything and in these things, no news is good news.  Then again, perhaps it is so awful that they haven't summoned up the nerve to tell me.

I'm off on a salesman's vacation tomorrow.  Out the door at 0 dark 30 and headed to the retirement function for Terrance Checki of the New York Federal Reserve.  As I said before, this is a man who has done more for the financial well-being of this country and for the world for that matter that no one knows anything about.  That's the way he has always wanted it and that's the way it will remain unless he writes a book.  As he ALWAYS tells the truth, financial capitals of the world will be dangerous places in which to walk a few days after its publication as the storm of financiers leaping off of high building will cause serious risk below.  I'm told just EVERYBODY will be there, dahling, so I may even return with a few insights.

Back Monday

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  1. Carter the ExaminerMarch 26, 2014 at 10:21 AM

    Now a Checki book would be brilliant...but it could also be about 400 blank pages!